Invoices from RTVSoftware have been VAT-free. RTVSoftware has been granted VAT exemption because of the Small Businesses Scheme or VAT (in Dutch: Kleineondernemingsregeling) of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

What means the Small Businesses Scheme?
The "Small Businesses Scheme" is a VAT exemption regulation. The government's aim is to reduce the administrative burden for small businesses. RTVSoftware complies with the conditions and has opted for this scheme. The regulation is described in article 25 of the OB Act.

Small Businesses Scheme duration
For RTVSoftware, the registration is valid until RTVSoftware decide to withdraw from the scheme if it no longer meets the conditions of KOR, or if the Tax and Customs Administration adjusts or stops the scheme. In that case, the VAT rate will apply again.

Do you have questions about the invoice for your administration?
Please contact your accountant or Tax Office.